FREE A.I Literacy Camp for the Top Management

AI Literacy Camp

FREE A.I Literacy Camp for the Top Management

We commit ourselves to the cause of creating intelligent machines that will exponentially augment human capabilities.

In our journey of building the best AI Assistant Platform, we would like to share with you, all that we know.

As most of the business users and leaders are still not clear about how to use AI to transform their current business processes, ‘A.I Literacy Camp’ is an initiative to create A.I awareness among the business leaders.


AI Chatbot


The sole purpose of this platform is to help them plan and lead the A.I journey for their organisation. ‘AI Literacy Camp’ will hold periodic Webinars, Podcasts and Workshops to simplify AI for business transformation.

‘AI Literacy Camp’ Workshop Details


1. Workshop Format 

  • Conducted by Business and Technology Experts from Applicate.
  • Duration – 3 hrs.
  • Target Audience – Business Leaders, CXOs, CEOs, CIOs, HR Heads, Sales & Marketing Heads
  • Venue – The organisation signing-up for the AI Literacy Camp has to arrange for the venue and logistics. It can be organised in the company conference room or auditorium.
  • Min 8-10 participants


2. Workshop Content

  • Introduction – BOTs, Chatbots and AI
  • Why AI
  • How AI will have real impact on Business
  • How to Measure Organization Readiness for AI
  • How to measure Cost, Investment and ROI of A.I initiatives.



AI Literacy Camp


NOTE:  Applicate reserves the right of selecting and finalising companies or group for the ‘AI Literacy Camp’ based on the nominations interest and nominations received. 



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ApplicateAI’ is an integrated AI BOT platform for Enterprise with defined and curated work-flows for HR, Sales and Consumer Engagement.

Applicate is already working with most of the top Global and Indian brands like Kelloggs, Britannia, ITC, Perfetti, GPI, Nerolac, Dulux, Whirlpool, Crizal and others.

The AI innovation of Applicate has been AWARDED as the ‘Best Enterprise AI Assistant’ by CIO CHOICE based on the voting of leading CIOs.

Audited by KMPG and organized by CORE Media, more than 70 CIOs, CEOs and Business Heads of the top global and Indian companies VOTED Applicate’s AI innovation as the best solution in the ‘Enterprise AI Assistant’ category.

Employee AI Assisatnt ‘MooN has been created by Applicate to assist and empower employees with updates, data, information, policies, compliance, product knowledge, skill gap identification, training inputs, and engagement etc.


Best Enterprise AI Assistant VOTED by CIOs.