AI For HR : Employee Onboarding with an AI HR BOT !!

Onboarding with AI BOT

AI For HR : Employee Onboarding with an AI HR BOT !!

Remember your First 90 Days in any organisation?

You have lots of questions on your mind.

And the people you interact with, have lots of work on their hand.

You get something, you don’t get something. And you get confused about the rest.

Imagine, if you had a dedicated personal assistant who could help you with everything you needed. Also with things that you didn’t know you needed to know.

Meet the first AI Powered HR BOT, your AI Assistant ‘MooN’ !!

A 24×7 AI Assistant for each Employee, with personalised interaction and support.

‘MooN’ is the Most Advanced AI and Machine Learning powered ‘HR BOT’. Pre-boarding, Onboarding, Training, Engagement, 24×7 support for all the HR/Admin Queries/FAQ, ‘MooN’ does it all.

‘MooN’ is helping top global and Indian companies engage and support 100s and 1000s of their employees simultaneously.


Onboarding Chatbot


How Important is Structured Onboarding?


The importance and criticality of New Employee Onboarding process has received a lot of attention these days.

However, still a vast majority of organisations even in developed countries like US, lack an effective Onboarding experience to the new joiners.

Research shows that 22% companies don’t have formal Onboarding process. More importantly, about 49% companies have only partially successful Onboarding program.

Now consider these statistics on Employee Onboarding:


  • Nearly 33% of new hires look for a new job within their first six months on the job. (Among Millennials, that percentage is even higher … and it happens earlier. Source : HBR)
  • 22 percent of staff turnover occurs in the first 45 days of employment. (Source : The Wynhurst Group)
  • New employees who went through a structured Onboarding program were 58 % more likely to be with the organization after three years. (Source : The Wynhurst Group)



Onboarding is the first experience of a new joiner with the organisation he or she joins.

While for an organisation its one new employee joining, its one of the most sensitive, nervous and exciting moment for the new employee. First 90 Days of a new employe in many ways shapes and impacts his motivation, retention and productivity.

“Onboarding is the single biggest process intervention which impacts how quickly a new hire starts contributing”. 

Not objectively measurable though, the cost and opportunity of this inefficiency for any organisation is huge.


Why Organisations Fail on effective Onboarding?


To understand why a majority of organisations are not effective in this critical process, let’s try to understand why and where the ball drops.

An effective New Employee Onboarding process must have the following constituents, and most of the organisations either don’t have it or don’t have the right mechanism to execute it.

  1. Structured Onboarding Process
  2. Onboarding Content
  3. Resources for Onboarding
  4. Process Compliance Mechanism

Most of the large and medium-size organisations have Process, Content and Resources for the Onboarding process. The single biggest reasons for ineffective Onboarding in such organisations is the lack of Process Compliance Mechanism.

The entire process of Onboarding involves multiple stakeholders across functions and roles. The seriousness, readiness and capability of the people new joiners interact with impact their Onboarding experience.

On the other hand SMEs and Start-ups miss out on most of these.

Creating a structured Onboarding Process and Onboarding Content requires time, resources, understanding of the process and domain expertise. All this remains a challenge for most of the SMEs.


How an AI BOT can revolutionise Employee Onboarding


AI Powered BOTs are designed to carry out logical and repeatable tasks. With a conversational interface, an AI Chatbot designed for Onboarding can handle most of the challenges of structured process and learning, with minimal resources.

Onboarding AI HR BOT

With certain defined rules and algorithms, the BOT is trained on the Onboarding process and works as an Employee Onboarding Chatbot Assistant for all. It starts engaging with every new hire with personalised interaction and works like a dedicated 24×7 Assistant for each individual.

More importantly, it keeps taking feedback from the new hires on the process and their experience, giving a complete visibility of all the data to the concerned stakeholders in HR. This ensures process compliance and evolution of the Onboarding process itself.


For an Employee Onboarding Chatbot to achieve all this, requires creating right algorithms and training the BOT for all the right intents and scenarios, covering the entire process of Onboarding.

To know more about how and AI Chatbot for HR works, you may reacd the article;

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Employee Onboarding, with the Most Advanced HR Chatbot ‘MooN’


‘MooN’ interacts with 1000s of New Hires across functions and roles simultaneously, and helps them with all that they need.  


Onboarding with AI BOT


The AI HR Assistant ‘MooN’ is specially trained for Onboarding. As an Employee Onboarding Chatbot, ‘MooN’ works seamlessly to ensure a great  onbaording experience to each New Hire.

  1. Defined Process with a 90 Day Learning Plan.

  2. Proactively Feeding people with relevant information.

  3. Instant, 24×7 answer to all the queries.

  4. Interactive Quiz to map and measure learning.

  5. Reports for the concerned stakeholders on process compliance and employee experience.


Employee Onboarding Chatbot


‘MooN’ is the most advanced Employee Onbaording Chatbot


Powered with AI and advanced NLP algorithms, MooN keeps interacting with each New Hire with personalised communication, and supports them 24×7, with what they ask for. 

  1. Policies & Perks
  2. KRAs & Business Terminologies
  3. Performance Matrices
  4. Team and Customer introdcutions
  5. Company’s Code of Conduct
  6. Familiarisation with Culture and Dos and Dont’s
  7. And all that your organisation stands for

Ask for Onboarding Chatbot


Employee Onboarding with 90 Day Learning Plan


“People are very Excited and quite VULNERABLE when they take new jobs, so it’s a time in which you can have a big impact”.  – Michael Watkins, Author of the bestselling book, The First 90 Days.


As one of the specialised Skills/Features, MooN has a structured Employee Onboarding Plan which can be customised to organisation specific processes.

It has a structured 90 Day Learning Plan  specially designed to support New Hires and maximise their learning and productivity.


Employee Onboarding - 90 Day Plan


How does the Onboarding BOT ‘MooN’ work


Powered with AI and Machine Learning ‘MooN’ is trained on most of the HR functions including, Onboarding, Pre-boarding, Training, Engagement and HR/Admin Help Desk.

The Onboarding Module, for a New Hire gets automatically triggered the day a new employee code is generated in company’s ERP or HRMS.

‘MooN’ gets seamlessly integrated with ERP/HRMS and CMS, and is trained to do a complete end to end Employee Onbaording with an intelligent Chatbot interface.


Onboarding BOT - Integration

For Details you may click the link below and ‘Ask For MooN’.

Ask for Onboarding Chatbot


ROI of an Employee Onboarding Chatbot


Calculating the ROI for any technology product improving the process and people skill many a times is not straight. One goes with an assessment of positive business impact that it can make.

However, with Employee Onboarding Chatbot, the ROI can be significantly high.

Ineffective Employee Onboarding costs significantly higher than you can think of !!


Consider these two data points to understand the importance of effective Employee Onboarding.

  1. Without Onboarding, it takes around 8 to 12 months for new employees to reach their full productivity levels. Effective Employee Onboarding with the intervention from the can
  2. With and effective onbaording, companies enjoy 54% greater productivity from their new hires.


Employee Onboarding


The cost of deploying an advanced Employee Onboarding Chatbot to ensure effective Onboarding, would be something like this;

  1. One time cost – Rs. 5 L – 10L for Enterprise level custom BOT (no cost for standard version, self-serve on SaaS model)
  2. Data Base Integration Cost – Rs. 1.75L to Rs 3.50L (no cost for standard version, self-serve on SaaS model)
  3. Annual Recurring cost – Rs. 50 to Rs. 100 per employee, per month.


The only assumption one needs to make is to have a fair estimate of the value generated, to understand how much time can be reduced with effective technology intervention.

If AI based technology intervention with Employee Onboarding Chatbot make the New Hire achieve his/her full potential 6 to 8 weeks earlier, the value generated or the cost saved would be in excess of Rs. 10000/- even for the lowest paid employee.

The minimum ROI of an effective Employee Onboarding Chatbot can be anywhere between 10x to 100x !!


ROI of Onboarding Chatbot



AI For HR : Welcome to the Future of Work @ AI





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