An HR BOT, Powered with AI,

I can Assist 1000s of Employees simultaneously!

Pre-Boarding, On-Boarding, Training, Engagement, HR Queries & FAQ, I do it all.

One HR BOT for all that you need.

You can hire me for one or multiple SKILLs.

1. HR BOT SKILL for Pre-Boarding & On-Boarding

Remember your First 90 Days in any organization? You have lots of questions on your mind, and the people you interact with, have lots of work on their hand.

Your HR Chatbot to help new employees with all they need.

  • 90 Day Learning Plan
  • Personalised Interaction
  • Role Based inputs

2. HR BOT SKILL for Training & Skill Development

Skill Mapping and Training each employee with relevant content to enhance their Knowledge & Skill is something that I do in ways never done before.

Yes, using A.I for Capability Development with an intelligent Chatbot interface.

  • Skill Score and Gap Identification
  • Business/ Function In-puts and Training
  • Regular Interactions and Quiz

 3. HR BOT SKILL for 24×7 HR/Admin Support

How do you feel when you have an important query from HR, and you don’t get a response. Or you get a response like, “we will get back to you as soon as possible”.

Here is your HR Chatbot for all you need. Ask for anything, and get it. Simple!

  • Queries, FAQ & Updates
  • Leaves, Salary & Policy support
  • Data, Insights, Charts & Reports

4. HR BOT SKILL for Engagement & Employee Happiness Index

Happiness and Stress at work is critical to our productivity. A.I gives a whole new way to understand and impact it significantly.

As a smart HR Chatbot, I know all this through my everyday interaction with employees.

  • Culture Score and Engagement Score
  • Stress Score & Happiness Index
  • Actionable Reports and Insights

Your search for an AI Powered HR Chatbot Ends Here !

Its all about People, Isn’t it? Their Attitude, Knowledge, Skill, Performance, Passion and Motivation shapes an Organization.

Imagine, if each person has a dedicated Personal Assistant and Coach. Yes, that’s precisely what I do. I am a 24×7 dedicated A.I Assistant for each employee.

Don’t take it from me

Here’s what Top Enterprise Leaders feel about me

I am a Brainchild of Applicate

The team that works with, is loved by the top Global and Indian Brands

What makes me the Best HR Chatbot !

Fusion of Human Intelligence (HR Expertise) and Artificial Intelligence

Advanced A.I system

My brain gets all its intelligence from algorithms designed to make me an AI HR Expert. I can understand the natural language humans speak, perform complex tasks based on my ability to understand data and hidden insights. Advance NPL and Machine Learning algorithms power my AI brain.

M.L Based Personalisation

As an intelligent Chatbot, I learn from every interaction of the user. Each user gets highly personalised experience while chatting with me. Intelligent query suggestions and suggestion tabs based on User Behaviour, Role, Context and Relevance, precisely predict what the user might be interested in, even before he/she types.

HR and OB Expertise

I am not a just another HR Chatbot. I have been trained extensively in HR and OB (Organisational Behaviour) to understand processes, people and behaviour. This helps me carry out a lot of logical and repetitive tasks in HR and act as a 24x7 assistant to each employee.

Seamless Integration

As an intelligent HR Chatbot, I consume data and content from ERP/HRMS/CMS and represent it in the conversation interface. My team's expertise ensure seamless integration with any data base.

HR Expertise

Born from the fusion of HR and AI, I have genes from best experts in HR and Technology (100s of them, literally). I am trained to do most of the HR related logical and repeatable tasks. I keep learning as people interact with me, becoming better everyday.

Secured Database

Data security is of utmost importance to us. We comply with the highest level of security standards laid out by large enterprises, certified by the the international security audits.

Our dream is to exponentially augment Human Capabilities, by using Artificial Intelligence.

“In our journey of building the best AI Assistant Platform, we would like to share with you, all that we know. Absolutely FREE”.

  • FREE White Paper on AI Chatbot for HR.
  • FREE AI Impact Audit and AI Road Map for your Organization.
  • FREE AI Literacy Camp for the Management Team.

How A.I will have real impact on Business

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MODERATOR : Abhijeet Ranade, Partner, KPMG

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